VPS Hosted Websites and High Traffic Websites are a Perfect Fit: Here’s Why


Over the last decade, online visibility has become unavoidable for all businesses. Right from optimizing your website for search engines to leveraging social media platforms, you cannot leave any stone unturned. After all, if more people visit your website, then you have a chance of doing more business, right? However, when your SEO and marketing efforts start bearing fruit and your website starts experiencing a regular flow of high traffic, you are faced with another pertinent question – can your hosting plan support this increased volume of traffic?

Choosing the right hosting plan at the right time is a difficult task – you need to take many aspects into consideration. In today’s article, we will talk about Virtual Server Hosting or VPS Hosting and the reasons why it is a great option for high-traffic websites.

What is VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting, the hosting provider divides a web server into several small virtual servers using virtualization. Each of these virtual servers has a dedicated RAM, CPU, etc. and is isolated from the other virtual servers on the same machine. This allows complete root access and enables you to customize the hosting environment as per your requirements. Your website is hosted on one such virtual server.

Why VPS Hosting Services and High Traffic Websites are a Perfect Fit?

Let’s look at the features of VPS Hosting services which make them a perfect fit for high-traffic websites:

  1. Resources and Performance

Since a VPS has dedicated resources like the RAM, CPU, etc., regardless of the traffic received by your website, you will never experience a drop in performance. Further, since all virtual servers are isolated from one another, if one virtual server experiences a sudden traffic spike, then it does not affect the performance of the other virtual servers.

If your website experiences high-traffic, then you certainly need more resources to ensure uninterrupted services. This is possible with VPS Hosting since your site is hosted in a dedicated hosting environment. Further, you can install applications and software to customize the environment as per the requirements of your business.

2. Security

When a website experiences heavy traffic, it is more prone to security threats like spamming, viruses, etc. Therefore, the hosting plan must be able to provide adequate security provisions to ensure that these threats are kept at bay and do not affect the performance of the website. Good VPS Hosting providers offer several monitoring tools to help you protect your website against such threats. Also, in VPS Hosting, the servers are independent and isolated. So, if some other server is facing security issues, your website is safe.

3. Backups

There is always a possibility of website data loss due to hacking or some other natural disaster that is out of anyone’s control. Therefore, it is important that you take regular backups of the entire website. With VPS Hosting services, you can easily configure and automate daily backups either on a local device or a remote server. This helps you create a safety net for your data and applications.


As explained above, VPS Hosting services are a great option for high-traffic websites. While dedicated servers also offer similar features, the cost-efficiency of VPS plans make them a preferred option for cost-conscious site owners. Remember to research well and consider all aspects before signing the dotted line.