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An image is value 1000 words. But, words have succeeded pictograms and ideograms and hieroglyphs for good reasons. The necessity to mix the symbols of the alphabet in order to render intelligible and communicable one’s inside states of thoughts is conducive to abstract thought. It’s also economical; imposes mental discipline; develops the imagination; engenders synoptic thinking; and preserves the idiosyncrasies and the individuality of each the creator and its cultural-social milieu. Visual are a poor substitute so far as these capabilities go.

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All of us love visitors visiting every of our web sites. The extra the merrier in many cases. However, for an internet marketer, that is not the state of affairs. Web entrepreneurs need focused site visitors and so they also have to know exactly where its coming from. Not really knowing precisely where the focused traffic is actually coming from suggests that you do not acknowledge which visitors generation strategies are working.

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