Emergency Travel Numbers – Don’t Neglect – The Smart Backpacker

Backpacking is a student’s adolescent candy shop, but don’t be too excited yet. Before setting out, arrange an “emergency contact list” that the student backpacker will take wherever the destination. This will include people and institutions you would have to reach out to in case of a dire emergency. Stash a tiny notebook with these digits and you would have cut down your stress levels by 50%.

1. Family and close friends

At the top of your head, these are people you’d be sure you would like to keep connected to, as they will always be the first to help you out in situations of need. Your family especially can send over things you badly need or bug your insurance company should a circumstance arise. Also, your friends’ contacts will come in handy when your folks are out of town or reach.

2. Backpack mate’s family and close friend

When an unexpected happens to your travel mate, you better hold the information without the hassle of waking or waiting for your unconscious mate to give you her/-is details. Be sure to let the family know as they can provide extra assistance.

3. Family doctor

*Knocking on wood…should a medical misfortune … Read More